Australia's first
Eco friendly Razor.

Everything you need for smooth, clean and green shave.

Get the green shaving alternative, created in Bondi-Sydney, delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.

Why choose Bondi Bamboo?

Did you know that millions of razors end up in landfill each year? Until now razor blade cartridges couldn’t be recycled but Bondi Bamboo has created a greener way to shave. Our razor handles are made of sustainable bamboo, our blade cartridges are properly recycled by us and our packaging is 100% biodegradable. Every time you order from us you’ll get a return postage bag, once you’re done with your blades, send them back to us for free. At our facility we’ll recycle it, saving it from landfill. Let’s stop wasting away our razors and take care of Australia.

Unique Features:

  • Easy to grip compostable Bamboo handles
  • 5 Durable steel blade Cartridges
  • Strong fogged metal head
  • Comfortable pivoting design
  • Aloe Vera & Vitamin E lubrication strip
  • Recyclable cartridges
  • Compostable Packaging & Shipping bag

From a chat on a plane to reality

Hello from Joey & Amina

Looking good is feeling good and feeling good is helping save our environment. At Bondi Bamboo, we believe there is a greener way to shave. After seeing so much waste across our travel, together from a casual chat on the plane, we decided to take a stand for the environment.

Back home we decided to change our lifestyle and transition towards sustainable living. In the process, we were shocked to discover that no “green shaving” options were available.
Here was the starting point, we created Bondi Bamboo for us and for you.

Our goal is to keep improving every day, make a stand for the environment and hopefully you can be part of our journey.

Joey & Amina | Founders of Bondi Bamboo

Help us to save the environment.