We understand there is some stigma attached to the “Made in China” label, but an increasing number of Chinese factories are doing good work to bring the workplace standard up. At Bondi Bamboo, we support ethical manufacturing to help a new generation of Chinese businesses that pay their workers fairly and offer safe work conditions.

Bamboo originates from China so naturally our handles too, so the materials for our razors can be sourced locally and processed by skilled Chinese workers.

We have partnered with a specialist razor manufacturer in south China who is close to a sustainable bamboo source.


Bondi Bamboo razors are produced ethically in fair conditions. Our products are made in China where our manufacturer has set up fair working conditions for its employees. This is something we are extremely conscious of.


We want Bondi Bamboo to be Clean, Green, and Ethical all the way. We are taking action for a more conscious world where great initiatives can snowball into greater change, both locally and internationally. Every time a factory in China closes because a major contractor decides to relocate their activities or lower production prices, hundreds of workers end up falling back into unregistered plants. This is where their working conditions become unsafe.

We have an ethical responsibility to support safe practices and fair wages. We have partnered with a specialist razor manufacturer in south China who is close to a sustainable bamboo source and enforce fair work practices.


Understanding the manufacturing system and pushing to move forward in a positive direction is one of our key missions at Bondi Bamboo.

We spent a long time finding the best factories in southern China and built a strong relationship based on trust with the owners. It helped us create a sincere dialogue about working conditions and what support they need to reach higher standards. Our factory is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and the environment. We have been on-site for observation during production and opened a dialogue with the worker about their working condition and personal life. We also work with the factory to minimize the impact of our production on the environment.

How did we manage to do that? Well, Amina spent a few years living in China and has knowledge of the country’s business practices.

She keeps close to her heart the cause of ethical production and making sure everyone involved in Bondi Bamboo’s creation is treated fairly.

Our manufacturing team is an extension of the Bondi Bamboo family. We started this business with them by our side and they believed in us with our small budget, big ideas, and all the challenges that bring sustainable production. We were not willing to take any shortcuts and wanted our product to be as sustainable as possible from the start.